"Mary always made people feel special, a small gift for someone, a sentiment a thought...people came to market to buy flowers from Mary because she would talk to them and take an interest in their lives. Her legacy is now the vision for Van Gogh Flowers, a flower destination for people to meet and feel special and to bring empathy and gratitude to those who visit us." 

Welcome to Mary's page  ... So much of life is taken for granted. It’s not until you lose what you truly loved that you realise life will never be quite the same. With time, we move forward, but the pain, loss, and grief is never far from the surface and often triggered by the smallest of memories. 

Van Gogh flowers originated in 1990 at the insistence of my beautiful sister Mary, who saw an opportunity to bring joy and beauty to every home through affordable cut flowers and floral designs. Together, we shared a mutual passion and goal to make Van Gogh Flowers into Melbourne’s most loved floral outlet based in Hawthorn. 

Life is often unfair. Some of us are faced with more challenges than others through no fault of our own. At a young age, Mary lost her older sister in an accident, her mother in the prime of her life, and later her father.  Despite all the best medical help available, a great friendship group, and supportive and loving siblings, these traumatic events impacted on her well-being. Mary tragically succumbed to mental health in September 2019. 

Mary connected people, young and old, from all walks of life. She never had a bad word to say.  Her life was about people and bringing joy to others in the simplest of ways.  A heartfelt sweet smile, a compliment, a flower, a new social connection, or an unexpected gift.  She had a gentle and warm way of making everyone special …it was simply ‘Mary’s way’. 

Death by suicide impacts many, far and wide, all over the globe. As a legacy to Mary, this network group aims to bring people together who are or know someone affected by mental illness. It is a forum for dedication, a space to share loss and love, hope, and draw comfort from others in a safe and trusted environment. It is also an opportunity to give, listen, and support those in our community in need of comfort or respite.

Van Gogh Flowers are committed to using ‘Mary’s way’ of kind conversation, compassion, and support to bring people together, drawing on inspiration from flowers, gardens, and nature’s beauty.  We are excited about ‘Mary’s Way’ and how her legacy of kindness can help others. We welcome you to join us on this journey. 

- Tony Pavlou, Founder Van Gogh Flowers

Support Links | Lifeline | Beyond Blue | Grief Support